December 10, 2012
The 1st Annual "Super Adoption" event hosted by Best Friends, Pet Smart, and Pet Smart Charities, was a HUGE success! 119 animals are now in their FOREVER homes.
We adopted out EVERY DOG that we took to the event, 19! We are so happy for our 19 dogs who left the event with their new families, and walked out that gate towards their new lives full of love and a hopeful future. THANK YOU to all the wonderful volunteers that made this event so awesome.
We have TWO dogs who weren't able to attend the event, that we would like to see in forever homes before the Holidays. Abi and Sally have both been in foster care for a very long time, waiting patiently for their forever homes.
Please consider opening your home and your heart for one of these girls.
For more information, please view their petfinder profiles found here on our website.
Contact Lorraine to inquire about adopting. 435-705-9835
Thank you! (click image to enlarge)


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