December 10, 2012
The 1st Annual "Super Adoption" event hosted by Best Friends, Pet Smart, and Pet Smart Charities, was a HUGE success! 119 animals are now in their FOREVER homes.
We adopted out EVERY DOG that we took to the event, 19! We are so happy for our 19 dogs who left the event with their new families, and walked out that gate towards their new lives full of love and a hopeful future. THANK YOU to all the wonderful volunteers that made this event so awesome.
We have TWO dogs who weren't able to attend the event, that we would like to see in forever homes before the Holidays. Abi and Sally have both been in foster care for a very long time, waiting patiently for their forever homes.
Please consider opening your home and your heart for one of these girls.
For more information, please view their petfinder profiles found here on our website.
Contact Lorraine to inquire about adopting. 435-705-9835
Thank you! (click image to enlarge)

Help H.A.R.T. get a new (used) VAN!

December 02, 2012

One of the ways in which we save the lives of these animals if we don't have the space to take them in ourselves, is by transporting them from kill shelters to no-kill rescues and breed-specific rescues until they find their forever homes.
We have transported dogs from our area in Southern Utah, to other rescues in Arizona, Colorado, Nevada, Oregon, and California. Not only does this save the lives of the dogs we are transporting, but it also makes available space in our over-crowded shelters, hopefully allowing the dogs remaining there some added time to be adopted or rescued before they are euthanized. We have also traveled out of our area when rescue is needed, including rescuing 42 dogs from a hoarder in Arizona.
 Understandably, our vehicle is very important. In 2009, a used van was donated to us, and a talented and generous person added some decals on it to personalize it for H.A.R.T. That van has helped us rescue and transport over 800 animals. It goes to adoption events nearly every weekend, and is also the vehicle we use to pick up any donations of food or items donated to rescue. It has nearly 400,000 miles on it, and every mile we've put on it has saved lives.
Our wonderful van is dying on us, and is near the end of its life. We have been on the search for a new van, and have found one in GREAT condition with low miles (98,000, which is LOW by comparison to 400,000!). We would like to purchase this van, but we need your help! Any amount you can donate, even if it's only $1 will get us closer to our goal of $2000, which is the purchase price of the van. Any amount over and above the purchase price will be used for licensing and insurance. THANK YOU in advance for helping us!