Please help us save Cookie!

May 30, 2011

From Cookie's Foster mom:

Hello all of my animal loving friends:

I come to all of you with a heavy heart as the result of an incident of horrible animal abuse and neglect which has left a 6 month old poodle near death.

This egregious act of cruelty was discovered last Thursday by a young couple who retrieved the puppy from people who had adopted her from the shelter and then just put her in the back yard and forgot about her and left her to die. The woman allowed her to take her and she has been under Dr. Ball's care since Thurs last week.
Every bone in her little body is exposed and very little muscle mass left. If she did not have fur she would be nothing but a skeleton.

HART (Homeless Animals Rescue Team) called me to go pick her up as the rescuer could not keep her anymore but so far her bill is over 300.00 and still rising. This is a young couple who can not afford this expense but their heart said they could not just let them put her to sleep, she deserved to live so she asked Dr. Ball to save her life. She then contacted HART and asked if they would take her and Lorraine of course said yes.

I am now fostering her and Doc is unable to tell if she can see or not, she was totally unresponsive when she was taken to the office, she was covered in fox tails, emaciated, dehydrated and her temperature was only 96, and a healthy dogs temps run around 101, her body was cold to the touch and doc was not sure if he could save her or not. Now here we are 1 week later, she has gained .6 lbs, not 6 lbs, but .6.

She is being hand fed with a syringe as she can not even lap her food yet. (I am pretty good at this, just ask my Sweet William):-)

There appears to be some neurological damage, extent unknown at this time. She is a 6 mo. old baby and should be into everything but she can not keep her eyes open, barely hold her head up due to this neglect.

The good news is that the Shelter has been to see Doc and have filed papers to charge these sub humans with animal cruelty, and with the family's testimony hopefully these people will be charged with felony animal abuse and neglect. Will keep everyone posted on that outcome as I become informed on it.

Now for the reason for the email. I am asking for some help to pay this bill. This young couple did the right thing but it will be a huge financial hardship for them to have to pay this bill and it will also be a huge hit on the HART account. If you can spare a few dollars and would like to help us with this bill you can send a check to:

Dr. Gerald Ball
857 E. Tabernacle
St. George, Ut. 84770

Any amount would be appreciated, she is going to need ongoing care for sometime.

If you would like to make out the check to HART (it would be tax deductible) mail it to
1838 W 1020 N #A
St George, UT 84770

You can also donate online on H.A.R.T.'s website:

Thanking all of you in advance and thank you for loving and caring for the animals as much as we all do.

This is one little girl due to the care and concern of the one person being in the right place at the right time doing the right thing by removing her from the situation who will now go on to live a full life in the loving arms of someone who cares. I have promised her she will never know another bad day in her life.
She is now in Ridge's arms asleep in the recliner, full belly and about to be taken into my arms for even more loving.

"Until one has loved an animal a part of ones soul is still unawakened"
~Anatole France

Hugs to all, Mary

PS: Her name is Cookie, she is black and white, just like an Oreo. Just as sweet too!!!! And of course she is going need a new and wonderful loving "furever" home, down the road tho!!! In the meantime HART foster moms and dads will be loving her to pieces.


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