Aimee needs your help.

April 01, 2010

Sweet Aimee... suffering with a broken pelvis for nearly 2 months, and never complaining. When she came to us she was a happy fun-loving pup, with a smile and a heart of gold. One would have never guessed that she was in pain. But her funny little walk prompted us to take her into the WFVC for a check up.

X-Rays revealed a broken pelvis that had started to heal badly. The broken bones and arthritis were causing Aimee to not put any weight on her leg, resulting in a leg that had almost no muscle mass. Doc said that the injury was caused by 'severe trauma'. I can't even imagine what this poor girl went through.

After some discussion about what was best for Aimee, they decided to keep her overnight, and perform surgery the very next day.
We got to bring Aimee home 2 days after surgery, and she is doing SO great! She is putting weight on her leg, and is on the road to complete recovery!

Thank you SO much to the Washington Family Veterinary Clinic for taking such good care of Aimee!

As you can imagine, the surgery to repair Aimee's broken pelvis was very costly.
We are asking for your help with her vet bill so that we can continue helping other animals who have been neglected and abused. Any amount that you can donate will help!

H.A.R.T. thanks you, and the animals thank you too!


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