Santa Clara Swiss Days

September 26, 2009
H.A.R.T. participated in the Swiss Days Parade today with 10 adoptable dogs! It was quite the experience, and was a lot of fun!
The dogs were tired by the end of the parade, but they really did enjoy all the attention.

We had:
Zena, our little warrior princess
Mikey, our big furry teddy bear shepherd
Amara, our sweetheart
Jack, our new boy.. and quite the crowd pleaser!
Jaxson, our gentle little boy
Big Red, our gorgeous vocal Coonhound
Broozer, our sweet guy
Cassie, our energetic sweet gal
Calamity Jane, our baby girl
and Scribbles, our adorable little beagle boy.

We were quite the sight, parading down the road with our crew of volunteers and our lovable dogs. So many people, so many things to see and to smell, so many sounds, and the dogs were GREAT. I was so impressed with them.

Spent a couple hours at the park after the parade, and visited with SO many people. The dogs adore the attention and love that they get from everyone.

Thank you everyone who supported us, and for everyone who stopped by to say hi and to give our furry friends a skritch behind the ears.

It was a fabulous day!

A few photos have been added to our photo section.. head over there and check them out!


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